“SEMptom” is a proprietary strategic planning tool, generated by SEM! “SEMptom” is optimizing parameters of the TV campaigns.

  • Software for calculation of parameters of the campaign has been developed by the Agency and is using a real TV data.
  • In this software is implemented algorithm simulation functions of the set coverage on the effective frequency by approximating data to a common mind of normal distribution function.
  • As a result, planner obtain an optimal model for the function of the cumulative coverage with a detailed analysis of the properties, parameters and the type of curve.
  • In the area next to the intersection of curves, in which the increase of per the reach more than effective reach, the impact on the effectiveness of the audience is reduced.
  • Effective frequency of an advertising campaign for brand it is determined by the software product “SEM Frequency Calculate”.
  • The program counts the effective frequency of contact taking into account media factors, features of a product and the marketing purposes.
  • In next Unit of TV soft planner can use type of curve for a lot of manipulation for calculating campaign parameters and select the more efficient TV strategy.