We are providing a wide range of marketing and communication services including but not limited to: media planning & buying and sponsorship; digital creative execution, SEO, web experience, brand tracking, creative ideas development and execution, PR, BTL and Events.


We seek to find a better way in all our clients’ communication solutions.

SEM attracts people that are motivated to push the boundaries of what is possible. People that seek to find a better way. Our culture, systems and process have been very carefully created to foster this. Planners use interactive frameworks and proprietary thinking techniques to guide them.

Our interactive systems benefit from the most cutting-edge thinking from across the world of marketing and the social sciences – from behavioral economics and cognitive psychology through to econometric meta-analysis.

For optimisation, SEM uses sophisticated tools and systems that allow investment setting & allocation, target audience refinement, channel selection & allocation, flighting, integration, measurement and monitoring.


  • We provide services to big corporations and start-ups in order to bring any project to life.
  • SEM is branding and creative consultancy with unique creative resources to offer innovative and effective solutions and highly responsive service to local and international clients.
  • SEM offers strategic and creative solutions in branding and integrated communication.


  • As digital communications have evolved, so have our abilities to connect brands with consumers.
  • New opportunities are constantly appearing and we are geared up to spot them as soon as they start to emerge. Social media continues to show us that communication in the digital age is increasingly not about ‘bought’ media, but about ‘earned’ media. It’s about creating communities where consumers want to collaborate with brands and share the content with their friends.


  • Creation idea / concept / strategy.
  • Creative and design: Detailed scenario, scenography, POSM, scenery, suits, etc.
  • Production of necessary materials.
  • Management event by “turnkey”.


  • This may be through partnering with existing intellectual property, or it may mean creating big entertainment ideas from scratch. We deliver projects that are diverse in execution, but united in a common aim: to engage audiences through quality content.
  • The foundation of a good idea is built on strong insight. For that reason SEM places paramount importance on rigorous research, from gathering knowledge of businesses and people to brands and communication channels.
  • Work with mass media.
  • Creation PR of occasions, PR organization of events: press conferences, forums, round tables, etc.
  • PR-maintenance of the events created by agency.
  • Development of PR strategy.
  • PR-service of the companies on a constant basis.